Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Ice Cube Queen, Cindy McCain Hijacked on Twitter

This is rich...Cindy McCain hijacked on TWITTER...you have to LOVE IT. I grabbed what was there before it GETS RIPPED DOWN...enjoy!

John McCain's only regret was not being to convince the other four that such an involvement would be unethical.

John McCain was an innocent victim of the Keating Five scandal. Attempts to help an organization that affected the economy backfired.

@ArleyCob You're famous. Google: "cindy McCain Twitter."

@cindymccain Someon needs to moderate a social network online. It's our Bridge to Somewhere.

@cindymccain I'm worried about the McCain campaign. We are not as 'Net savvy as the Obama's.

Sleeping in this morning. Meeting up with the campaign party at noon. Sarah's going to be annoying today. I just know it.

@ArleyCob Hi! Did you enjoy the VP debate?

@mature_sexy Hi mature_s*xy! Vote for John McCain in November!

Even I'm hurting in this economic crisis: http://tinyurl.com/4rqjb2

@god On behalf of John and the G.O.P., I would like to make you an offer that you can't refuse. Stop by the mansion tonight.

@Lieberman John and I want you over for dinner tonight. Let's talk.

@joebiden You - are a formidable opponent to our Sarah.

@SarahPalin Can we agree to disagree about being friends?

Hi, guys. What kind of hat goes great for an inauguration speech?

Did you totally catch my girl Sarah making Joe cry? Priceless.

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