Saturday, October 11, 2008

Too Understand Sarah Palin Verdict, Divide The Whole Into Its Component Parts

OK, have read the verdict/report on Sarah Palin, as it has been bothering me ALL NIGHT to a point I have stayed up figuring it all out. How can someone violate ethics laws of the State of Alaske, yet not be guilty in the firing of a state employee...then it hit me. We have two separate issues here that have come to light because of the firing!

Part One-Trying to get Trooper fired.

Part Two-Firing of said Trooper's superior.

It was at this point that the light bulb went on in my brain. Sarah Palin is GUILTY of violating the state of Alaska's statutes as relates to ethics, she was and is guilty of an Abuse of Power which is an impeachable offense! She is guilty of this, because she used her position of power in a wrongful attempt to get the trooper fired.

Now, separate issue is the firing of the troopers superior. This man as it were, served at the pleasure of the Governor. State law gives her the right to terminate the employment of said employee, or transfer them to a different or lesser job at any time she so chooses without a reason!

When you separate the two, as you must, it all MAKE SENSE, and you realize that Sarah Palin has in deed committed a VERY GRAVE AND SERIOUS offense. Is any of this making sense to any one reading it? Even if she had never fired her TOP COP, she would have been guilty of Abuse of Power for her actions/or lack thereof in regards to her former brother in law, her and Todd's vendetta against him, using her position in an attempt TO HAVE HIM FIRED. So now the big this Attorney General or the Alaskan State Legislature going to BRING CHARGES AGAINST HER?

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