Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Debate Left (15 minutes give or take.)

Follow up on Afghanistan...British say we are failing there...we need acceptable dictator, (I brought this up in my blog a couple of days ago.)

Obama...withdraw our troops from Iraq responsibly, then send in adequate troops to get a hand on Afghanistan. Make sure Afghanistan government is responsive to its people.

McCain...brings up his pal General Betrayus! Actually admits Obama is right on some things! CATCH THAT ONE FOLKS.

On Russia! How about on Mexico, and ten percent of their citizens living in America ILLEGALLY?

McCain...claims Russia has Urkrain in its sites, and we must be prepared to stop their aggressions! WAR WITH RUSSIA?

Obama...provide the money necessary to rebuild the economies of former USSR nations such as Georgia.

Is Russia an Evil Empire?

Obama...they have conducted evil acts.

McCain...MAYBE McCain sideways around just admitted Obama is right in that energy is KEY.

TWO MORE QUESTIONS: Would we commit troops to Israel without United Nations Security Counsel blessing.

McCain...yes he would. He then flips to Iran and the threat of them getting the bomb. Trust me folks, if McCain is elected, we will use our troops in Iraq to invade Iran! McCain does not realize, that in a GLOBAL ECONOMY, sanctions no longer really worked in the way they used to. Give him points for the handshake!

Obama...he too would support Israel. He would never take military options off the table, but suggests we USE ALL THE TOOLS we have before having to make those kinds of choices...COOL HAND AT THE WHEEL FOLKS, and that is NOT JOHN McCAIN! Obama is making much more concrete statements on this question.


What don't you know?

I think Obama won debate, but he did not answer the last question.

McCain gets last question, and claims all he does not know, is what the future holds. At his age, the unknown is death, and with his cancer issues, he is very likely to face that unknown before the end of his first term, which would make Sarah Palin president.

Obama Wins DEBATE hands down, McCain did not even come close to landing a serious blow on Obama.

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