Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Stock Market... What If This is a Deliberately Caused Crisis of Confidence?

I woke up late this morning to find the Stock Market is yet again taking a blood bath as the Middle Class gets hurt further. As I always do, I went into the kitchen for my morning coffee, checked my email, and then a thought occurred to me. What if Bush, Corporate America, The National Chamber of Commerce, Lobbyist, and even the National Press are playing us? What if the crash of the real estate market, our lost home equity, our losses in the market are ONE LAST CASH GRAB by the UBER RICH and the Right Wing of the Republican Party as they are on the verge of being swept out of office?

The old adage says what goes up must come down, but conversely in real estate and the Stock Exchange, history shows us that what goes down will eventually bounce back and go up. The UBER RICH are not selling during this nose dive, they are buying, and like nobodies business. Look at Warren Buffett, the man has been a man on a mission, swooping in like a predatory bird of prey, plucking up bargains one after the other at bargain basement prices. Our own government is using our money, over $700 trillion dollars worth of it and buying up bad assets...which, they will in turn eventually sell to the UBER RICH.

I am beginning to believe, that this is an ORCHESTRATED transfer of wealth back up to the upper class, a means of collecting up enough assets and wealth to keep us oppressed and in our places, creating a bad enough economy that we will do anything just to have a job, any job in a faltering/failing job market, including giving up our hard earned benefits, accepting drastic cuts in our pay.

Look back over the past 18-24 months, and my theory is not so far fetched. Do you know what CRASHED the real estate industry, what caused all those mortgages go into foreclosure? INCREASED INTEREST RATES...those people who lost their homes were FINE when they were paying interest rates in the 4-5 percent range, but when those veritable rates kicked in (which WERE TIED TO THE FED) and their payments started increasing by hundreds of dollars a month again, and again they could not keep up with the payments. Does not take a learned man, nor a scholar to have seen this one coming. Which begs the question...if the common man on the street could see this coming, how could some of the brightest minds on Wall Street not? Or MAYBE, just maybe they DID SEE IT COMING!

Let's look at something else...Social Security. Our Federal Government has robbed the fund for decades, taking our contributions each and every week and stealing them away to pay off other debts. This stealing of our funds left the Social Security weak and ready to crumble just when 75 Million Boomers who had paid into it were getting ready to move from the work force into retirement. We Boomers had followed the rules, put our money into the stock market via mutual funds and our 401K's, and were ready to enjoy our Golden Years. Problem was, the government did not have the money to meet their commitments to us, actually needed us to stay in the work force LONGER to keep Social Security from going bankrupt...problem was, we had played the game well enough, had invested enough that we had PLENTY OF MONEY to retire with, were even considering retiring EARLY, drawing down on our 401K's till Social Security kicked in.

What to do, what to do...CRASH THE MARKET, ROB US OF OUR NEST EGGS! Look at the news, see the painful look on the faces of the Boomers who are now saying they are not going to be ABLE TO RETIRE, are going to have to keep working, at least for a few extra years!

The icing on the cake? The Republcians have known since the 2006 Election cycle that they were going to be swept out of office, were going to lose the White House in 2008. The Republicans knew that Democrats would ROLL BACK George Bush's tax cuts on the UBER RICH, would pass laws that strengthened the safety net that the Republicans had dismantled since they seized control of power back in 1994 with Newt Gingrich's well time implementation of a Grand Republican Plan. Look at the bitterness and anger within the Republican Party...they are losing their stranglehold on America, losing their ability to steer policy, to shape our courts, to enact into law their morality. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum have they deviously decided to WRECK THE AMERICAN NATION before giving it back to the Democrats?

Since 9/11 the Republicans have used FEAR to manipulate and govern us...this entire crisis is being driven by fear. We have pundits and mass media financial experts telling us we should not have any money in the market that we might need in the next five too ten years. We have the media instructing us to put money into FEDERAL BONDS (which is how the money is raised to bailout Wall Street!) Think about it, they have us pulling our money out of the stock market to drive the prices on Wall Street further down while at the same time convincing us we need to go out and put our money in Federal Bonds that are being sold to BAILOUT WALL STREET, while at the same time, the titans of the CASH IS KING WORLD are racing back in and snatching up all of this DEPRESSED PAPER!

WAKE UP AMERICA, we are being ROBBED, and it is a very deliberate, calculated game plan meant to oppress and enslave us.

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