Sunday, October 5, 2008

John McCain Aspiring Dictator!

No, not making this up...I was out cruising the Internet on my return home from camp...yes, I had a WONDERFUL TIME...anyway, I was visiting some of the sites that had stopped by our little political home here at Washington Scandal and came across a video over on Candid Blogger that I have to share. In his own words during the toil and trouble of getting last weeks Wall Street Bailout passed, seems that John McCain granted an interview wherein he expresses his hidden desire to be a dictator...his self described words I think are "Aspiring Dictator!"

On Palin's attacks while I was out at camp. Sarah needs to go get laid. Give us a break on the William Aires (Ayers) formerly of the Weather Underground attacks. First, it is OLD NEWS that was drudged up early on in the Democratic Primaries, and secondly they (Ayers and Obama) are not, as she would have everyone believe BEST FRIENDS. Curious here Sarah...should Cindy McCain have distanced herself from her convicted gangster father who is a CONVICTED FELON? Curious here Sarah Palin...didn't you admit to smoking pot until just over two years ago? MORE RECENT HISTORY...are you yourself, and your husband Todd under investigation right this moment for wrongfully terminating an employee because said employee refused to FIRE YOUR FORMER BROTHER IN LAW? What Aires (Ayer's) did four decades ago, and the man he is today are too different things. Isn't that the same standard that John McCain asks us as Americans to have when we consider his own indiscretions with whores, his never ending string of extra marital affairs? Isn't that the same standard John McCain wants us to take when looking at his wife's drug addiction, her own FELONY behavior in stealing drugs from her own charity, in illegally transporting stolen drugs across international borders?

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