Sunday, October 5, 2008

Taking Exception With Political Beach Girl

I just love cruising the Blogosphere and finding idiot posts to take exception with...I found one today from Political Beach Girl who seems to be having a love affair with Sarah exceptions are in red:

Sarah Palin, a woman from Wasilla...actually, she is not from there, but lived there for a good portion of her life.

Today, I noticed that I have a visitor from Wasilla, Alaska stop in to read what I had had to write about Sarah Palin.

Lucky you...that makes two of us. Am guessing here, that one of Sarah Palin's hit list makers visited mine.

You've sent us, our nation, a woman with courage, straight talk, and spunk. Tell her to keep up the good fight. Our nation is worth it.

Two out of three is not bad, but straight talk! Give us a break. During the debate the other night, she did not answer ONE QUESTION as put to her, but instead shirked straight answers because she did not know them, but instead went to the John McCain talking points, even if they had nothing to do with the subject at hand. Sorry, but a wink does not cut it, and she is a disgrace to women the world over, out to destroy many of the gains they have made in trying to use her sexuality and flirtatious winks to slide by.

And somehow, PLEASE encourage her to pass on to Senator McCain that we need McCain, the fighter pilot, not McCain the Senator, in this fight for the presidency.

We need John McCain the fighter pilot...isn't that the one that CRASHED five planes? Isn't that the one that admitted to bedding down with Asian Whores? Isn't that the one that admits to a string of sordid affairs while married to and living with his first wife, one of them with Cindy Hensley McCain?

This is Sarah's first step out onto the national stage but it need not be her last. For her, this is only the beginning. Tell her many Americans relate to her words of common sense. We are with her.

If the people of Alaska are stupid enough to send her to Washington as either a Congresswoman or Senator, that's their problem, not America's.

Note to John McCain - don't give up on a state, Michigan, unless you mention it to your Vice Presidential running mate first. Okay! She might have a few ideas.

LOL...curious here, just who do you think is RUNNING this election? Further, John McCain has a track record of MAKING HIS OWN DECISIONS...perhaps it would be better if Sarah Palin learned her place, realized it is NOT HER JOB TO SECOND GUESS HER BOSS.

She's not just another pretty face, for goodness sake. She is a GOVERNOR...

Your point is? Right now, though she may be governor of Alaska, she is SECOND FIDDLE to John McCain, is supposed to follow his wishes, is supposed to deliver his TALKING POINTS out on the campaign trail, not second guess his decisions (giving up on Michigan) in front of the media.

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